Sunday, February 6, 2011

3 things that make me happy on another Monday

Our new school year has only just officially begun, but already I can feel my shoulders tensing up, and my "to-do" list is of epic proportions. Plus, there are family issues... how old do my kids have to be before I no longer have to worry about them?

So - I'm taking some time out from working and worrying to visit 3 things which have the capacity to cheer me up. Instantly.

#1: Spring flowers
Massed tulips in the Wellington Botanical gardens

#2: Painted skies
Sunset from my window

#3: Water
Well, you know there'd have to be a water pic in there somewhere!
A peaceful, tranquil morning. Not today!

 "Only by learning to live in harmony with your contradictions 
can you keep it all afloat"                                   ~Andre Lord

What are your cures for Monday-itis?


  1. I don't know if its a cure but a distraction for Monday-itis would be good warm weather and a good book!.

  2. Welcome to your new school year. I'm curious about your schedule. What ages/classes do you teach? How long are the class periods? How many per day? How many students do you have altogether?

    (If you're curious, I have 5 classes of 7th grade students -- ages 12-13. Two of the classes are advanced level and one is low-level. I also have one class of advanced-level 9th graders, ages 14-15, and one class of mixed grades -- ages 12-15 -- for creative writing. I have 185 kids in all. Some do repeat for English and creative writing.)

  3. PBW - will answer your question but not tonight - I'm exhausted!!


  4. The answer, NEVER, and besides having our children, then come the grandbabies, and if they have doggies, (I'm the official dog sitter of the family/friends all are welcome at my house! Your 3 awesome pictures are my Monday cures as well...always water, actually water first the flowers last.... did you just celebrate a holiday where you live? And welcome to a new school year, and I'm sending hugs your way! Have a great week!

  5. Alexia - What a lovely blog you have! I'm glad I came by from Galen Pearl's. Adding you to my blog list.

  6. 1st time visitor who will retn. Visually delicious. Elegantly simple. Have ADD so my clutter envies your blog.


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