Monday, January 31, 2011

A couple more curves...

Couldn't resist some "travel photo" curves

As I have posted before, I love the works of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi. A highlight of last year was visiting Barcelona, where many of his beautiful buildings can be seen. Above is the exterior of the Casa Battlio, and left and below are 2 shots from inside the main entertainment room.

The man had a thing about curves - there are very few straight lines in his buildings. On the roof there are all sorts of little chimney and ventilation shaft coverings - all of them rounded.

Two more shots of the exterior.

And finally, another ventilation cover, from the roof of the house 
called La Pedrera:


  1. Funny. When I saw the first pic on Max's blog list, I thought, "Gee, that looks like the stuff I saw in Barcelona with that weird architect who did Sagrada Familia." I couldn't recall the name (of course it IS 4:59 AM here, so that might have something to do with my memory). And so it is Gaudi himself.
    Thanks for the curves.

  2. Oh my goodness stunning photos, will go back and see them all again after I write this. I would love to have the outside of my house look like those exterior photos, just a delightful look, especially the first of the two...I need to get myself to Barcelona and quickly! I am so ready for a vacation, if and when I can fit it is too short to miss all these grand places in life. What breath-taking-bounty-of-magic is waiting in Barcelona! Thanks

  3. Looks like something from a fairy tale. Cool pictures!

  4. Gorgeous photos! The buildings look like something from the imagination. Well, I guess they are.

  5. those are the most awesome curve photos!! wow!! so fantasy-like!! it's an adventure just looking at them!

  6. ...forgot to new header...:]

  7. Thanks everyone - yes, they are fairy-tale material. I had to keep telling myself I was really there!


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