Friday, February 11, 2011


Thematic Photographic's theme this week is strangers, and people are posting fantastic pics in response to Carmi's suggestion.

I'm pretty wary of taking photos of strangers - after all I wouldn't want anyone taking any of me. But I did rustle up a few:

These young guys were enjoying the sun and the water - I don't think they were catching any fish, though.

Meanwhile a mother and her two children watch:


  1. I love how the curve in the top photo really draws your eye into the shot.

  2. awesome photos. The mom and the kids sitting there is so serene. Seems she just likes being with them.

  3. Excellent photos (I kind of feel the same way about taking pictures of strangers) The 2nd one reminds me of a park near here, but the first photo really speaks volumes to me. I really like the edge of what appears like a city right up against moutains? or very large hills/cliffs....greeeeat shot! Your strange and beautiful bird in flight on your header is awesome as well Alexia!

  4. strangers...preserved forever...
    i especially like the first picture! very nice!!

  5. I love people-pics. There are so many stories that are told by a photo of a person. Beautiful scenery too!

  6. Thanks for your comments, everyone!

    I got that feeling of serenity from her too, Max. There was a 3rd child playing on the beach, so she's a busy lady!


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