Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Strangers

I've found some more pics which seem to qualify for Thematic Photographic's 'Strangers' theme.
First, two shots of ceremonial guards at the Mausoleum of Ataturk, in Ankara, Turkey:


These people are engrossed in what the guide is saying at the National Museum in the same city:


A group of friends playing a Spanish version of boules in Barcelona:

"Good things happen when you meet strangers."   ~Yo-Yo Ma 


  1. cool 'stranger' pic's Alexia!

    i like the way you caught the guards step UP...in the second photo.

    at the National Museum...that guy in the vary back...looks more like he's thinking 'what did i get myself into...maybe i can just duck out without anybody noticing...'

    >i love strangers. i like to smile...and start conversations with people i don't know...

  2. Priceless photos, the guards are moving with such pride! I bet you found the museum interesting? I love going to places like that, and after some speaks there's always some stranger who adds their own personal thought to the subject and then we walk away knowing so much more! I enjoy meeting most strangers along our journey in life...of course as the word suggests beware of some!

  3. Thanks for visiting....

    Laura - yes I was so pleased to get the stepping up!
    I am too shy - would never talk to a stranger unless they spoke to me. Getting better the last few years though!

    Karen - yes museums and art galleries are my favourite places to be - well, and ancient ruins, and beaches, and libraries, and cathedrals.... :) :)

  4. Love the one through the glass case, the expression of interest on that guy's face is great.


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