Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thematic Photographic 179 - Glow

What a great theme for this week! I used up a lot of my night pictures for the 
After Dark theme, so these are going to be about glowing light, rather than glowing lights.

The official cat of the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, basks in the warm glow of the sunlight coming through the windows. According to our guide, this cat is "famous throughout the world", because President Obama admired and patted it when he visited.

 In Gordion, also in Turkey, one walks through this tunnel into the 
 (possible) tomb of King Midas

In Santa Margharita, on the Italian 'riviera', the rising sun made the houses 
on the hillside opposite my hotel window glow

And in another early morning shot, the sun made the walls of the Vatican City 
a lovely mellow colour

 Closer to home, it was late afternoon sun on the Great Ocean Road coast of Victoria, Australia, which made the cliffsides and standing rocks named The Twelve Apostles a warm shade of glow

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  1. That last one is stunning.
    And that's a great shot of the cat. I like how the colors all match.

  2. How lovely. And so many of your glowing shots are such a soft light. Thank you. (not sure how many apostles we are down to, it may be as low as seven or eight not)

  3. Lisa - thanks. it was coincidental, but they do match, don't they?

    EC - Thank you. I could count nine, but a couple of them were very small. I enjoyed my visit there.

  4. WOW, the first two caught my eye... The ocean ones have that soft glow... Sea mist knows how to play doesn't it? Good examples of glow....

  5. I like the rocks in the ocean. I haven't even seen the ocean in far too long!

  6. Oh yes, your photo of the cat stands so stunningly...and should be a painting! Surely since the cat has such a single highlighted moment in life (ha ha!) people everywhere would buy it! !!! You certainly caught the gentle glow of distant waves.....Alexia, once again, you offer us another great treasure of nature waiting to be taken in by all who look on, and glowing inside!

  7. The one of the Vatican Walls has something quite fascinating to it. Can't put my finger on it, but draws my attention.

  8. Was it a ginger cat or is it just the light effect that makes me think so?
    The coastline shots and the Twelve Apostles are my other favourites.

  9. KBF - thank you - I like the ocean mist effect too.

    thunder - you must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and sky... ;)

    Karen - cheers - he/it was a lovely animal.

    Martin - thanks. I took several shots - I really liked their total solidity and "closed-off-ness".

    Bob - yes, it was definitely ginger - but so was the light!

  10. Awesome pictures. The cat one is great, and the cliffs are stunning. Someday I'm going to have to get down there to see some of the things you've shown us for myself!

  11. Some great lighting in these photos - and that's what makes great pictures. The cat one fits the theme nicely, as does the tunnel shot.

  12. Max - thank you. You keep saying that - come on down! :)

    Mark - welcome! thank you for your comments.

  13. Excellant photos- they go so well with the theme of glow this week I especially like the cat- great colrs and use of light


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