Monday, January 23, 2012

We are moving...

Carmi has set us off on this week's Thematic Photographic theme, Movement, with 
a fantastic bird shot. I thought zooming cars, etc, but then decided I'd put up a 
couple of photos from a day out in Auckland last week.

Here are four ferries manouevering in and out of the passenger wharves on the waterfront:

and a seal at the Auckland Zoo; it was such a hot day, I envied him his cool water.


  1. Aren't seals graceful in the water. Glorious photo - the colours are truly amazing. Thaks.

  2. lovely phots that go so well with the theme- I too love the seal photo and it's delightful colors

  3. The seal picture is brilliant, especially the contrast of the green under the water with everything else.

  4. Both good shots, but I love the seal pic - the colours are tremendous!

  5. The ferries look busy, but your second picture 'sealed' it for me.

  6. Oh I guess you are moving, I'd love to move along on that too! The seal looks like he's enjoying himself as well! Or is it she, who knows for sure?! Great movement !

  7. I hope those boats are all watching where they're going! Great shot, love the seal!

  8. busy ferry dock! LOTS of movement! and the seal...perfect fluid movement in the water. he probably wouldn't have minded if you jumped in there...and cooled off.

    (thanks alexia! for all the kind words...encouragement and support...)


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