Monday, January 16, 2012

A Bulletin from The Dinosaurs' Club

Our morning paper runs a column called Sideswipe, which contains amusing little stories, anecdotes and so on. Often it includes photos which readers send in, of weird signs, 
strange people and/or animals, or unusual events. 

Here are a few of the photos from recent weeks, 
containing material I am sure will interest other Dinosaurs.

 Fancy a home with that little extra something?

 Maybe this one was trying to emphasise that they are especially good at 
one of the procedures that happens here:

 Don't worry, they haven't fallen off the back of a truck ~

 Please! Don't remind me!!!

Hope these made you amused, rather than apoplectic....

By the side one of my favourite walks there is a large Kauri tree, fenced to protect it from harm and with a plaque affixed which says 'Judges Tree'. Thankfully, some other pedantic nerd 
got there before me and inserted a large apostrophe between the e and the s.


  1. I have been known to take out a pen and correct signs when needed.
    My local grocery store put up a sign advertising "kid's club." I tolerated it for weeks, then asked to speak with the manager. I carefully explained why the sign needed to be "kids' club," and by the next week, a new sign was up. But, within a month, the correct sign was replaced with one that says "kids club." Sigh.

    As for your lovelies here, I really liked the "piss ass" one. That just makes me smile.
    And the polo shirts -- well, there's nothing wrong with telling everyone they're not stolen....
    But those apostrophes.... ugh! I'm cringing.

  2. I am a tyrannosaurus pedant too. Perhaps we should be louder. I correct signs when I can and speak to shopkeepers and staff. Not a lot changes though. Sigh.

    I love pissass though. And have you noticed how many people are critical after accidents? I think I would be critical of driving ability/sight/something if someone backed into me.

  3. A school should know better than that. It made me laugh though.

  4. Oh these do make me smile, and cringe even though I'm not an English teacher! I too, have these odd little creatures stepping out. Funny how it sticks with you. My neighbor taught Summer Bible School and I looked in one day when dropping off my children. I can still see her standing there writing tomarrow....My first thought about the missing N was that they ran out of room, but that's just being nice right! Great post Alexia!

  5. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you KNOW how i notice misspelled signs!!
    the 'pissass' is hysterical....AND so are all the others!! thanks for the good laugh!
    it truly amazes me...all the misspellings...not just be found!
    ((maybe i can add a couple of those to my 'misspelled sign page...give u finder credit??))

  6. And who wouldn't want a little extras 'pissass' in everything they buy?

  7. Lisa: yup, people can't handle the kids' variation - my boss says it "looks wrong". sigh.

    EC - there's a marvellous book called "Eats, Shoots and Leaves" - if you haven't read it, you would enjoy it. The author always carries a black marker pen and corrects everything she can.

    Martin - half of the teachers I work with don't understand the apostrophe rule :(

    Karen - yes, you are just being nice ;)

    Laura - help yourself - after all, I found them somewhere else :)

    thunder - quite right!!


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