Wednesday, January 11, 2012

After Dark in Torino

This is a post for Thematic Photographic; Carmi over at Written Inc has started 2012
with the theme of After Dark. Visit there to check out other ideas for this topic.

In May of last year (not used to saying that about 2011 yet) I took some photos on an evening out in Turin. They're not great; I wasn't always able to hold the camera still enough, and some are taken through the bus window, but they do the job of bringing back those travel memories...

Firstly, a courtyard waiting for some diners:

Walking back to the bus:

~ and don't forget to look up!

Some interesting lighting outside a hotel:

~ it was late for us, but too early for many Italians to be out and about

Thanks for visiting.
"the goodness of the night upon you, friends"


  1. Wow. Just wow.
    These are SO great.

  2. I often do forget to look up. Loved that lighting effect. Thank you. A great post.

  3. Awesome pictures, and all of yours loaded up! Beautiful buildings and I really love that one outside the hotel.

  4. When do Italians start their night out?

    Great pics.

  5. I feel as though I have been there. Thanks for sharing Turin. The hotel lights seem to draw you in.

  6. At night is when you see the orbs!

    Very nice, Alexia.

  7. Those photos are just awesome. I felt like being there myself...and I certainly would have been one of those diners if possible...I love seeing places like that out under the sky! You must have had a very enjoyable stay there!

  8. Thanks for sharing your holidsy night-time memories. These are wonderful and I wouldn’t have known which were taken through a window.

  9. Thank you for all your kind comments - the last 3 were through the bus window, Nell.

    Martin - maybe it was just a quiet night in the city - but they don't seem to eat until between eight and ten. It was hard to find anything open before eight, except the tourist places.

  10. Those are great shots! And the hotel lights are intriguing - clever you to spot them and take a photo!

    And the ones taken through the bus are very good - I always get the shakes if I try to do it!

  11. very nice after dark shots alexia! i love the dark skies...and how lights glimmer and magical feeling.
    in that fourth that the full moon faintly appearing high in the sky, to the left of the building?? or the way the light plays tricks in the dark?!!

  12. Yes, Europeans don't start their evening until I'm about ready for bed! I remember waiting for the restaurants to open in Spain at 9pm. I was starving!! Love the different life rhythms.

  13. Laura - I remember the night as being overcast - I think what you meant might just be a reflection of a light, although I can see why you thought it might be the moon..

    Galen - I was starving in Spain, too! I think the Italians are slightly earlier in their eating habits. :)


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