Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Festive Season!

All the very best for the holidays to my blogosphere friends! 
(We're a day ahead of y'all, so I'm getting in early...)


  1. I can't get the pic to load....
    Sorry your holiday season marred by yet another earthquake in your neighboring city.... :(

  2. I hope that you and those you hold dear are not affected by the earthquakes. Sending positive wishes through the ether. (No picture here either.)

  3. i could see the picture!!! beautiful!! thanks for the good wishes!

    i haven't heard about an earthquake...sending good wishes, peace and many magic moments through the holiday and right into 2012!!

    merry christmas

  4. And a happy season to you and yours too! I hadn't heard about the earthquake either, but I'm hoping all is well!

  5. Thanks for this lovely greeting, and I hope that all is well with you, and all around your beautiful city! May your celebrations be merry, happy and filled with love!

  6. A wonderful joy filled 2011 Christmas and a fabulous 2012 be yours to enjoy Alexia,

    good wishes from magda and crew in Australia...

    Love the header... looks great...

    and my heart felt sorrow 2011 could not have ended on a kind note for Christchurch... truly rotten Christmas for all there. Truly is sad...

  7. Glad you can see the picture now.
    Poor old Christchurch - I can't believe it's happening still. I've been planning to go down there in April; still will, I hope.


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