Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Strangers in a strange land

This is a post for Thematic Photographic 176, "Strangers among us". Carmi asked us to take "a photo of a stranger, any stranger" and post it to our blogs. 
For most of these choices, I'm the stranger!

In April, for my first morning in Rome, I had booked a guided tour to see the Vatican, St Peter's Basilica, etc. - a good way of avoiding the loooong lines of people queueing to get in, sometimes for hours. This is the group of strangers I was about to spend the day with, pictured as we waited for the guide to sort something out.

When I downloaded this shot taken in the timeless streets of Pompei, I was amused 
to see a man busy talking on his cellphone:

If you've been to Pompei you will remember the large open sheds where there are lots of artefacts stacked roof-high, and a number of glass cases with twisted bodies, human and animal, 'mummified' by the ash:

In Palermo I enjoyed seeing this young monk having his visit to the Cathedral recorded - an elderly lady, his mother I'd guess, was taking the photo:

These two ladies, residents of Parma, were too busy crossing the square outside the Duomo to cast a glance at strange photographers:

"I have always depended on the kindness of strangers."
~ Tennessee Williams 


  1. Great set of strangers - especially love the Pompeii cell phone guy and the monk.

  2. I love how that glass case frames not only the statue but the people looking at it!.

  3. Lovely, lovely shots. I am with Kalei's Best Friend. That was an amazing shot. Did you realise as you were taking it?

  4. Great photos capped off with the quote at the end!

  5. Oh these are just wonderful, and what an exciting time you surely had. At such a breath taking place It's amazing he could use his cell phone at all! I agree with that quote too, most of the time....

  6. An ecletic selection of strange(r) photos.

  7. love 'em ...love 'em ....love 'em!
    thank you

  8. Loved those last three shots! They are just great!

  9. Great pics.

    I'm somewhat shy of taking/posting pictures of strangers (not to mention, more distracted by the plants/animals/scenery).

  10. Max: thanks - the little monk looks as if he hasn't started shaving yet :)

    KBF and EC: No, it was pure accident - saw the framing effect when I cropped it.

    ifthethunder: I nearly always take scenery shots - training myself to take more people (partly because of TP)!

    Lisa, Karen, Galen, Bob, Gilly and Gilly: thank you!


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