Sunday, October 2, 2011

What English teachers know...

English teachers know: that texts are always invitations to a party and that not all 
parties are the same.  For instance, at some parties they spike the drinks. 
Enjoy the invitation and check out the party.

Words by Terry Locke. 
Pictures from here, here, here, here and here


  1. thanks so much for the journey...and especially the cover of H. W.'s cover for the Boston tea's an inspiration for my next Whimsical Wed. post...I love pictures with umbrellas too...and I should try a glass of wine along with a glimpse of this post again later this evening...nothing spiked! Just a cool glass of wine...ha ha! Great post!

  2. I almost forgot, being so excited over the Boston tea party illustration, but the open book and sky...what a tremendous view that is! As are all the other photos too Alexia...just beautiful!

  3. i'll head over to that last sunset...under the beautiful cloudy sky...feeling the breeze...hopefully it won't get too crowded...

    (that last picture!)


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