Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's in the detail....

I spent a lovely day on Capri in April of this year, and I was already in the process of planning a post entitled "A Day in Capri" when I saw that Carmi had put up It's in the Details for this week's Thematic Photographic theme...
I kept my post but decided to zero in on the details and leave the 
big-picture shots for another time. Please click to see even more detail!

 You get to the island after a short ferry trip from Naples:

It's always intriguing to look up and see details on the buildings:

And as always, it's just as fascinating to watch people as anything else around you:

Many of the hotels have beautiful tiled signs. The Quisisana is the top place to stay on the island (no, we didn't stay there):

Maybe this one was more down-market:

There were some really lovely flower beds in the public gardens -

and also some detailed tiling on a beautiful seat - not sure it 
would have been too comfortable, though:

There are tiled signs everywhere

And I especially liked the bull with one red horn outside the La Palma:

And finally, some detailed advice on personal safety...

I had great fun cropping these pictures to look more closely! Hope you have enjoyed walking around Capri with me. Go here to see more posts around this theme.


  1. I SO need a vacation!
    Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. I agree with Lisa - it feels like you took me right there! Lovely photos.

  3. My wife reminds me she has been to Capri but that I haven't. Another place on our future vacation list. Fine photos.

  4. Great details. I like the name of the hotel tiled into the steps. Good use of space and interest.

  5. Ooo, looks like a wonderful place! :)

  6. Love the pictures. And I'd love a sea to be able to fall into, even if it was dangerous.

  7. Thank you all for your comments - I am really glad you liked my pics.

    Putting the post together really made me wish I was packing my suitcase again...

  8. Oh Alexia these are fantastic, you make me want to drop everything (if only I could) and purchase a ticket right now...and be there by Friday...if only...people watching and the incredible views there, what a fine trip that must have been! the beauty and magic is in the details here!

  9. An very enjoyable post. I particularly like all the tiling. “Danger to fall in the sea’ - I must remember that one!

  10. Hi, Alexia,

    I nominated you for the Tripbase My 7 Links project. If you will go to my current post, A Stroll Down Memory Lane, you will see the links to get your blog posts included. Let me know if you have any questions.

    All the best,
    email galenpearl@gmail.com

  11. Love the photos - you obviously had a great time! The tiles are fascinating, especially the seat.

  12. Just what I needed this morning- a lovely little vacation! I loved wandering these photos- looks like a beautiful place :) Thank you for sharing it!!

  13. It sure is a stunning place - but I don't think I could afford to spend too long there :)

    Thanks for visiting, everyone


  14. Even their public spaces have a design flair that can stop even the most casual observers in their tracks. I've never been in Italy - flew over it once, but I know that doesn't count - but everything I've imagined it would be seems to be in ample evidence in this phenomenal series of pictures.

    You took us there with you, which is remarkable. I'm so loving how everyone's taking this theme in different directions.

  15. beautiful pictures!! i especially like ALL the tiled work...AND the garden. the hotel luna...i like the name. what's the significance of the one long red horn? good luck? uh, fertility?
    thanks for the detailed vacation!! :)


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