Monday, October 3, 2011

Thematic Photographic 165: Welcome Autumn?

Well it may be the beginning of autumn for Carmi at Written Inc., and for all of my northern-hemisphere friends. Here it's well and truly spring, and to take part in this week's theme I have very little to offer but a lovely liquidamber tree and some fungi from last autumn:

Enjoy your season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, y'all - I'm looking forward to summer!


  1. True words spoken from a lady enjoying her springtime! It seems only yesterday is was springtime here and now autumn will soon be settled in....but surprisingly we got up to 82 today and it should be that way most of the week...I will admit the weatherman said there will be a cold period coming...but I shut off the news before he said when...(as if that will keep it at bay!)...I do like your autumn photos, and is that a lovely Weeping Willow tree I see?

  2. Yes Karen :) - they are always the last to lose their leaves, and the first to regain them - the willows here turned green about a month ago.

    Enjoy your warm temperatures! Long may they last... we had an almighty thunderstorm here last night, which is unusual for this part of the country. Unsettled change-of-seasons weather, I guess, as you are having.

  3. Yes, this is a bit off for you, but you're used to dealing with those of us on the other half of the world, so you'll live.
    Thanks for the pics, though. :)

  4. liquidamber...ooooh, love the name...and your autumn colors...and you know how i feel about fungi! your little mushrooms are forming a backwards 'S'...or maybe they were wanting you to take the picture from the other side...or maybe it's a '2'???
    stay cool this summer...

  5. I need to move every six months, and have an air conditoner repair business here and at your place, almost/always summer!

  6. I think it's interesting when we encounter our assumptions, like assuming that everyone is welcoming autumn right now. We all do this in different ways. I was just thinking about assumptions I made about someone who commented on my blog alot. I was wrong about where he lived in the world, his ethnicity, his native language, and his age! It got to be a game and we both laughed about it, but I realized that in this global blog world, we still make these assumptions. I'm sure I make references to things that would be familiar to people in the US for example, but not to others. Hmmm, just fun to think about.

  7. I'll politely beg to differ: You always have so much to offer, and this is no different. I like how you chose to look close and look far. Every season plays out at both ends of the distance spectrum, and I'm glad you reminded us of that here.

  8. Well, ya'll just turned my world upside down. Wait, maybe my world was upside down! Happy Spring.

  9. What an appropriate name for a fantastic tree.

  10. Gorgeous as always Alexia!. You definitely know how to frame a pic w/your camera!.

  11. Loely name for a tree - and a great shot! Enjoy your spring, don't be rushed by us lot in the northern hemisphere!

  12. Liquid amber trees are a delight (we have two). Loved the funghi too. Not, not, not looking forward to summer though. Spring is just fine.

  13. when i was younger, i thought that even touching fungi would end my life ( obviously a very literal child)

    as i got older i delighted in exploring their varieties. ...and these look so smooth and the way they snake across the soil.....
    sigh...thank you

  14. Writer - You're welcome :)

    Laura - yes I had the is it a 2 or an S? debate too. I always think of you when I see fungi now :)

    esb - our summers are warm, but hardly ever hot enough for air conditioning, except in city office blocks...I would LOVE to live in a permanent summer!

    Galen - it really amuses me how most people I encounter online are surprised to find that the other side of the world is different!

    Carmi - you always make sun=ch morale-boosting comments :) Thank you!

    Jim - thanks! Happy Fall to you.

    Bob - yes, they are a favourite of mine, and they always look great, whether in leaf or not - a beautifully shaped tree when fully grown

    Chrissie - you take wonderful photos, so I am delighted you enjoyed these...

    Gilly - thanks - I won't!

    EBF - now I want summer to come - we don't have them as hot as you do! Thanks for visiting

    MMP - thank you for your comment.. We don't have a great variety of fungi around here - I thought these were lovely :)

  15. That's a lovely tree! Well, I hope you enjoy your spring :D


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