Saturday, October 15, 2011

Welcome Spring

On my side of the world spring is really getting into its stride. I've been away for a week
of our school spring holiday and seen some beautiful gardens, one of my favourite coastlines, and a lighthouse - of which more later.
For now I want to post some photos I took an hour ago in my own garden. I love dwarf Japanese maples, and just as they have stunning autumnal colours, they also have lovely foliage in the spring, albeit in less intense shades. Here are 5 of my little trees:

As well, the wisteria is out,

the jasmine has begun sending its sweet smell around the garden:

the pink leaves of the 'Toon' tree (cedrela sinensis) are sprouting

and Mr A has planted 36 precious tomato plants, each one carefully protected against predations by the resident cat and dog ;)

You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.  


  1. I LOVE Japanese Maples! I have one in my front patch that is just now starting to turn brilliant for Fall. I love the smell of wisteria and the blooms are enchanting- now I'm starting to really miss Spring! Lovely photos!

  2. Chicken wire protected tomatoes. *grin* Be gone, ye beasties!

  3. Beautiful pictures, and lucky you - spring is probably my favorite season.
    And I loved your triangular dog biscuit story. Funny stuff.

  4. Your garden is a delight. Thank you for sharing it. I have just ordered another Japanese Maple. They are a joy. I have also (she whispers) ordered many, many more things to squeeze into the garden. It can, so easily, become an obsession.

  5. These are great pics Alexia! I really liked the Toon tree. The darn deer keep snacking on my Japanese Maple!

  6. Aeria - thanks! I'm certainly not missing autumn - but my turn will come :)

    Lisa - gotta look after those precious plants ;)

    Max - thanks. I love spring too, but summer is even better.

    Elephant's Child - ahh I do know what you mean. I have a very bad habit of buying something and then having to work out where I can put it...

    Hanny - thanks :) No deer close by to snack on mine, and thankfully the possums don't like them!

  7. Oh Alexia spring is shaping up really very nicely around your'd almost think it were summer already, almost...the toon tree, very new and exciting to are in a lovely state of bliss, (spring is my favorite season, then summer!) Have a great weekm glad your back and I can't wait to see your lighthouse photos..okay?! Please!!!


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