Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

This coming Thursday is September the 1st, and that will officially be our first day of spring. 
I can't wait! For the last two weeks we've already been having very springlike weather, sunny, warm(ish) and calm.

For our walk today Manu LeGrand and I wandered around the old goldmine battery in the Karangahake Gorge. There are walkways and bike tracks, the skeletons of the old buildings, and rusty old machinery lying everywhere. Click to enlarge and get a better look!

Cyclists enjoying the warm sunshine
Manu found a friend to look at stuff with
Hmmm - wonder if Carmi's ever considered a 'rusty' theme?

I really hope none of you have been affected by Hurricane Irene - fingers crossed!


  1. Oh, and I'm looking forward to autumn!
    We've had a heatwave here this week. Kids are roasting in their classrooms in many schools, although I'm lucky enough to have A/C -- at school, anyway. At home, it's a different story, and I've spent most of my days dripping with sweat this week. Ick.
    I really, really want cooler weather.

  2. Must go explore that goldmine area sometime. Trouble is- when I am on holiday so are a zillion Aucklanders who all seem to like to go to Coromandel!!!

  3. The middle one, of your dog and the statue is great. At first I thought you took a picture of some guy walking his dog, it was only on second look that I realized he was made of wood. (Then I had to check and make sure the dog wasn't wood too.)

  4. Oh these are all great! It's so funny reading about your first day of spring coming up...yet sad on my side of the world because it means my summer is coming near to a close...autumn is good, but way too close to you know that season you are leaving right now...have a great rest of the weekend Alexia!

  5. great pictures...i LOVE to go places where they have all these old remnants...of life past...old stone and rusty things!! :D

    your winter ends...and hopefully mine will come soon. it's been so HOT and i'm ready for the cool to start moving in.

    *my thoughts go out to all those who are riding through Irene's torrential winds & rain. stay safe*

  6. Lisa - hope it cools down for you soon!

    Kiwi - yes, it is an extremely busy tourist spot in the summer and on public holidays. Fascinating spot though - I plan to do an extended post with the other pics sometime.

    Max - funny that you had to check the dog!! :)

    Karen - thanks so much. I can't help being happy that our winter is ending; I hate cold weather!

    Laura - thank you for visiting; isn't it funny how we're never satisfied with what we have ??? :)


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