Monday, August 29, 2011

Shopping in Turkey

This week's Thematic Photographic theme is 'Shopping'.
When I saw it I went, "Oh no!!" I hate shopping. Food - can't be bothered; 
clothes - ditto. Malls? Yikes!
Then I looked through the albums, and found lots of photos I could post. In fact, I'm going to have to post several batches ;).
Here's the first lot: shopping, Turkish style.

Bazaar in Bursa

I wish I'd bought one of his lovely carpets

In the Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

At Perge

This made me laugh so much - fake watch sellers at Ephesus
(Click to embiggen)


  1. Hey, at least they're honest: genuine fake watches. :)

  2. Yeah, I'm not a big fan of shopping either. Except for the kind you'll see when I finally get my "shopping" photo's posted.
    Great set, very vibrant shopping scenes. Loved the fake watches, reminded me of the wallet I bought once stamped with "Genuine Imitation Leather".

  3. Wonderful! I was struck by the number of advertising posters too. You’ve given me an idea.

  4. rather different from our supermarkets!

  5. Now I could do that shopping adventure too...simply marvelous! Those signs are really something too! Whatever it takes to get the people out to market right!!!!

  6. I'm not a shopper either, but when shopping is in the context of a new cultural experience, then it become interesting!

  7. That looks like tons of fun. Seems like you could spend all day there.

  8. Did they get the idea for malls from the Istanbul bazaar? Magic carpets!

  9. Love the carpets! And genuine fake watches made me smile.

  10. Love all the carpets - and the Grand Bazaar looks like a very interesting place!

  11. Genuine fakes...I almost fell off my chair when that one came into view! I love how you capture the very texture of a place. These aren't just pictures. I feel like I'm there.


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