Thursday, August 25, 2011

Not a hint of vibrancy...

Carmi's theme at Thematic Photographic this week is VIBRANT! Some stunning shots have been posted; check them out here.

I'm feeling anything but vibrant, and I've had no time to go looking for vibrant things to inspire me, so I'm hoping that posting some lovely flowers and fruit will improve my mood and make me feel a little bit less dull. Click to enlarge.

Spring tulips in Wellington:

Orchids at Singapore airport:

 Fruit market in Barcelona:

And some of last summer's flower tubs in my back yard:



  1. The tulips are the most vibrant, but somehow the fruit market catches my eye the most.....

  2. Beautiful set of vibrant photos, and from all over the place.

  3. If this is how you shoot when you're NOT feeling vibrant, the mind boggles what will result when you do :)

    These are lovely. I always manage to botch my flower, on the other hand, seem to have figured out compositions that work.

  4. Hello and Thank You Alexia, I appreciate your gift to me.

    Now a Journey to experience a Hint of Vibrancy and the first Welcome is the Vibrant change to the decor of your Dreaming of Open Seas. A very interesting interpretation the Image is.

    Isn't Blogging wonderful?
    You may not be feeling too grand, but enter Blogland and you can Journey about the Planet and see Beautiful tulips in Wellington NZ, the colour reminding one it will soon be Autumn in Holland.

    Then on to steamy Singapore to feel the beauty of the Outdoors right there in the Airport. The Orchid arrangement is wonderfully creative with the luxurious Palms in the background and one hasn't even ventured outside yet.

    Then on to Barcelona to wet the appetite with choices from a magnificent array of colours in the shape of Fruit. Love the photo. A beautiful way to set out edibles.

    And then we are brought right back into your own Home to feel the sense of Summer's aliveness on it's way through your backyard tubs full of colour.

    The last one feels soothing. Like it's time to sit-back and quietly contemplate the Places the Colours the Scents and the Sounds one has just experienced.

    A beautiful Journey Alexia, and thank you.
    With good wishes from Magda in Australia

  5. Well one thing's for sure, blogworld friends help ;)

    Thanks everyone!


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