Friday, August 19, 2011

Thematic Photographic 158: Made of Glass

This week's TP topic is "Made of Glass".  
I had nothing that I felt I wanted to post for this; other people's pics were so stunning that I felt intimidated. However it was a sunny Saturday morning so I gathered up some glass objects from around the house, and had fun playing with them. Here are my glass objects, complete with dust...

 This Chinese bottle has the design painted, by hand, on the INSIDE !

I collect eggs. I bought these little glass ones in Sorrento.

Hand-made dish from a local artisan.

Glass objects on a glass table....
I enjoyed seeing all the colours and the reflections, and ended up enjoying this theme after all:


  1. Oh what wonderful glass objects you have, and they look so 'happy' arranged all together. Lovely photos!

  2. Oh I love that BOTTLE! It's so cool and it really makes me wonder HOW do they paint on the inside? It's not like the can shove their hand in there. Nice still life photos also

  3. Thanks Kiwi - I spent ages arranging and re-arranging. Fun!

    Sally - your glass pics were so incredibly creative! Thanks for visiting :)

  4. Hi Alexia,
    I've visited a few times since meeting you while I was visiting Laura from ForestWalkArt, I am finding your "dreaming of open seas" enjoyable, relaxing, informative, and interesting.

    On this visit I couldn't resist leaving a message in response to your Artistic Glass photos. I feel quite passionate about Glass... always to me seems seductively subtle, sometimes maybe garish, but always fascinatingly interesting.
    Having watched Glass-blowers create amazing results, especially Venetian Craftfolk, I feel enormous respect and admiration when I view and hold different types of Glass Creations... even with everyday eating and drinking glass utensils.

    Your collection, arrangements and their effect is quite beautiful. The Goldfish inside the bottle is an amazing achievement by someone, and very beautiful.

    Thank you, seems feeling daunted has brought out another depth of creativity from within you.

    Good wishes from Magda in Australia

  5. gorgeous selection.. the first one of the hand painted betas got me wondering.. they almost looked real.. did u know they can't live together? otherwise they will attack each other.

  6. Beautiful objects, beautiful arrangements.

  7. Oh Alexia for not having an idea at first, you sure created a stunning adventure, (didn't see a speck of dust either)lol ...your playing around has me feeling like doing some fun stuff with pictures, your # 2 so beautiful with the reflections and focus OUTSTANDING! then # 3 it appears like it's suspended in mid air, very cool! Can't wait for Max to comment on that... # 6 and the reflections again can be so tough but you make it look very simple...and the last # 7 the Glass Family just having fun together. Nicely done!

  8. You did yourself down for no reason - what a wonderful glass collection you have! A gorgeous array of colours.

  9. Your work is always stunning in its own right. I see at least one here that would look particularly lovely in a frame.

    Damn, you're good.

  10. Not sure why you'd feel intimidated. Your work is stunning.

  11. I have some of those Chinese bottles with the paintings inside. So fascinating! I love glass. Great photos.

  12. wow!! beautiful glass!! the eggs...and handmade dish are awesome!! and of course the bottle!! how the heck did the artist paint those fishies on the INSIDE??

    *no dust noticed...i never even sneezed, not once!* :)


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