Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Rough when....

.... the cliff's too rough to climb!
This seal looked as if he was contemplating how on earth he was going to get up the cliff. 
I took this several years ago on the rugged coast down south of New Zealand.

Posted for Thematic Photographic's "Rough" theme, over at Written Inc.


  1. My heart goes out to him! I hope he was able to find a smooth bit of rock to lay his flippers.

  2. ooooh, poor seal...i sure hope he found his way to go around that big old rough rock!!

    beautiful picture!!

  3. Oh my he does appear to be in a situation! What a great photo though! No words necessary to explain this one!

  4. Cute picture! Poor thing is completely baffled about getting onshore.

  5. Poor little guy.
    The only time I've ever been that close to a seal was at the zoo. All my photos of seals in nature tend to look like brown rocks on the shore.
    This is a good photo. Nice work.

  6. Great image of rough. Even rougher without opposable thumbs!

  7. Lovely shot - think the seal would do better elsewhere! Hope he made it!


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