Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

 While I was looking for photos for Thematic Photographic's BIG theme this week, I came across these photos of the 'Trojan Horse', taken when I visited Troy, in Turkey, last year. 

Before you visit Troy, the guidebooks warn that there "isn't much to see". Archaeologists have found evidence of 9 different civilisations, the first dating from 3000 BC and the last from about 200 AD. But there are no pillars or columns, no temples or statues to be seen. I didn't mind that one bit - I loved the peaceful grassy mounds and the stone remains of walls that are visible.

However there is this rather kitschy-looking wooden horse, which is supposed to be symbolic of the wooden horse which Odysseus had built to trick his way into the city.  You can go inside and climb up to look out of the square 'windows' and out of the horse's eyes, which of course I did.

Have a lovely Sunday!

"Always carry a frying pan by its handle" ~ Catalan proverb.


  1. That is the coolest thing EVER! "Isn't much to see"...yeah, right!

  2. I loved it! bizarre but very cool :)

  3. Taking Carmi's words, yes, that is about the coolest thing I've seen lately. Wow amazing and to be able to go inside and look out bet! This actually ranks for TP as well as your Sunday shots! The second photo looks very inviting too, it would be a grand place to visit I agree! Thanks !

  4. i agree totally with what has already been said...WOW!! at first glance...before i read what you had to say, i thought 'looks like a combination Trojan Horse on Noah's Ark'.
    just the fact that NINE past civilizations have been discovered! just thinking about climbing in there...walking through the grassy mounds...touching the stone me the chills! i think THIS place would be on the top of my list of places to go...but since i'll never get there...i'm thrilled to have seen it through your eyes!! wow!!
    amazing!! thanks!!

  5. Karen - by the time you got right up to the top, it was very high - a great view!

    Laura - never say never! 3 years ago I would never have expected to get there either - but I did!

  6. You have been to some interesting places and taken great photos. Are you going to publish a travel book with your stories and photos?? I hope so!

  7. I had no idea they'd actually built a horse there.....


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