Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

These are the camellias which are blooming today, in my mid-winter garden. Some of them are looking rather weather-beaten after all of the wind and rain we have had this past week.

"People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us."
~Iris Murdoch


  1. They don't look too weather beaten to me. Nice composition, you done set them up so purty like.

  2. I'd hate to live anywhere without flowers, or wild flowers for that matter....these look very lovely've saved them! We too have had lots of rain, and heavy down pours....too stormy!

  3. OH i love flowers...ALL flowers! and yours are beautiful!! they don't look weather beaten at me. i've tried growing camelias, but haven't had much luck. my favorites (of yours) are the BIG white one & big red one!!

    that picture just makes me smile!!

  4. And this is in the middle of winter?
    You know, I'm beginning to think that a winter visit to NZ is really not all that bad of an idea if winter looks like this for you. (I assure you we have no flowers like these growing midwinter for us, except for a few very hardy pansies that grow in flowerbeds that happen to be heated because of pipes near public buildings. Everything else in the middle of winter is covered in snow.

  5. Love the way you arranged the blossoms. I agree with the last comment--doesn't look like winter!

  6. I'm with the English teacher on that idea...I wish our winters were like this too!

  7. Alexia,
    I received your message explaining your schedule. I didn't publish it (because you mentioned the ID that must now remain unassociated with this ID), so maybe I'll put it somewhere where I can actually remember I still have it!

  8. We don't get snow here - too far north :)

    It's probably too warm for them where you are, Laura.

    They cheered me up too! I had left them on the grass after taking the photo - this morning when i went out they'd all been blown away

    ET - ok thanks for letting me know

  9. That is a great photo. I love those flowers. We have gardenias, and rose-a-sharon bushes, but no camellias.
    I really need to fix that.


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