Friday, June 17, 2011

Thematic Photographic 150: Signs

Signs that make you wonder...
I'm coming in on the tail end of this one - it's been a busy week.  I've enjoyed reading other people's strange signs, though. here are some New Zealand signs which have made me wonder....

Little Blue Penguins are endangered,
so please don't run over them when they're
silly enough to cross the road!

Depth of.... what, exactly?
Yes, they are.
The Main highway through the middle
of the North Island runs through a desert,
several volcanoes - and an Army camp
Kiwis are also endangered. I dislike that there are
bullet marks on this sign.
You may need a translation of NZ slang where this one's concerned
For more entertaining signs, go to Carmi's Written Inc.


  1. Caution: Stairs
    What, do they jump out and attack you if you're not paying attention?
    Dude, those are STAIRS. Be careful. Don't startle them.

    And, of course, the line from "Ghostbusters" comes to mind. "Where do the stairs go?"
    "They go up."


    In my little corner of the world, a "rug rat" is a child. What is it in NZ?

  2. Oh wow, these are great! Too funny. Check your depth?!! and watch those attack stairs now, they're sneaky! But I think my fave is rugrats and old biddies. LOL

  3. I really like the big exclamation mark above the "check your depth" sign, means they are really, really serious about it. "Caution, Stairs" really shoudl have been "Caution, Wall" since it is on one and people ought to be warned about that too. As for the rug rats and old biddies, to me that means that there are children and old ladies wandering along the road.
    Great set of pictures!

  4. The "Check Your Depth" one is for reasons of Flooding! The sign is right before a dip in the road near the Manawatu River. When we have a lot of rain, it can flood across the road at this spot, quite deeply. Trucks have been caught out. There are other markers nearby that show how deep any water might be. So it might seem like a loopy sign, but it can save you from driving into deep water!

  5. Oh what great signs, all of them, but the funniest is the stairs...the sign at the bottom, or is there one at the top as well? and yes we all need to check our depth once in a while...I will be on the look out and careful for incoming stairs too! Have a great weekend!

  6. Kiwis I would have expected, o so sure about penguins though. Perhaps I'm out of my depth.

  7. Oh my. I'm still giggling about the stairs!

  8. Awesome collection of signs. I especially enjoy the army camp one... if both sides of the road are dangerous due to firing and explosions, what makes the road itself safe? I sure hope it's not an army base for stormtroopers.

  9. Yes, rug rats are kids, old biddies = old ladies

    Very disrespectful :(

    Yes Bob - the Little Blues are a separate species - the population is stable at the moment.

    Thanks for all your comments, and for visiting :)

  10. I couldn't stop smiling...the stairs one was classic cover-your-legal-behind-ism. I read somewhere that our world is over-signed, that we would actually be safer if we took all the signs down and let folks figure it out for themselves.

    Maybe that's a bridge too far, but it does make me wonder...

  11. smiling is GOOD for us all....thank you soooooooo much for posting these and i adore the rugrats and old biddies one :)


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