Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sunday Snapshot 3

This Māori warrior stands beside the walkway around the pit rim of the open-cast 
goldmine in the small town of Waihi, New Zealand.
I like the calm strength which his sculptor has depicted in his face and limbs.

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  1. That sculptor was GIFTED. A beautiful statue made all the more wonderful by it's location. It's so much better there than it would be on a pedestal in the city.

    The detail you captured is amazing, that had to be hard to get with the light at that angle. Nice job.

  2. awww thanks Sally - such nice comments :)

  3. great shots of the warrior Alexia!
    especially that first one with the clouds...and the grass...PERFECT!
    and then the close=up...details in the second...with his 'warrior' stance and face!
    great sunday snapshot!

  4. He reminds me of the terracotta soldiers in Xi'an, China, but in a FAR less crowded setting. :)

  5. That's rad! I wish I could have that in my garden!

  6. A friend of mine comes from the South Pacific. He and his wife are quite talented dancers and do many dances from different cultures in that area. His Maori warrior dance is the most impressive!


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