Monday, May 30, 2011

Well aged

This week Carmi has suggested "Well aged" as a photographic theme. 
I have recently had a wonderful three-week holiday in Italy, so here are some pics around this idea.

Please click on the photos to see more detail.

Firstly, a well-aged foot from the Vatican Museum in Rome:

I can't resist a shot of the Colosseum:

This mosaic is one of those recovered from Pompei. It is in the
Napoli (Naples)Museum.

Well-aged Parma hams from a family farm. Delicious!

I feel a little disrespectful posting these ones; I hope
no-one takes offence!  
They are mummies - one wrapped, one not - from the 
Egyptian Museum in Torino (Turin).

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  1. Love the foot, and the Coliseum, and OMG the MUMMIES! How cool is that? Great set Alexia!

  2. You obviously had a great time! Love the mummies - can't get much more aged than that!

  3. Nice selection! Especially liked the foot and the tile mosaic.

  4. I love how these shots literally take us back in time. I once had a teacher who said photography was like a time machine. We laughed at the prospect then, but now I realize how right he was!

  5. Oh so very cool! Thanks for the well aged treat for today! Love those perfect toes too! Although the little toe is a bit funny...and what stunning mummies my favorites of all time! I ahve to get my own well aged in...too just got back from vacation and so much to catch up on! Have a great day Alexia!

  6. Thank you everyone - I had fun choosing these :)


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