Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

We are having a long and unusually mild autumn.

I usually set Sunday mornings aside for schoolwork - marking, paperwork, preparing for the coming week. But this morning I could not resist the warm sunshine and clear blue skies, and decided to let the schoolwork wait. I checked the tide table and headed off for the estuary with Manu LeGrand.

Local trainers often bring their racehorses down there for a workout on the damp sand:

And Manu decided to give his coat a new look by rolling luxuriously in what the horses left behind!

We had a lovely morning.

"The more side roads you stop to explore, the less likely 
that life will pass you by." ~Robert Brault


  1. Looks like a lovely Sunday morning! Howlucky are people to be albe to go ride like that when they want to?! :)

    Thanks for commenting on my post! I left you an answer there :)

  2. I love that quote, I inherited that attitude from my dad. On family road trips, whenever possible, he would take the small highways rather than the interstate. You see a lot more that way.
    As for the weather, I think we have your fall. It's been unusually cool and wet here the last couple of months, normally I have the heat off, the swamp cooler going full force by now. Instead it's about 45F (7C) right now, the furnace is going and it's raining out there. As annoying as it has been, it's actually been good for school. The kids get less antsy for the end of school when the weather isn't nice.
    Enjoy your warm fall!

  3. Love the horse pic. The dog-in-dropping pic? Ugh.
    And, what Max says is true, except that I had snow this morning. Yes, we like it cool, as the kids are more content to be in a classroom.

    We've got flooding issues in low-lying areas, though, as our snowpack is something like 467% of normal. Looks like this isn't a drought year.


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