Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thematic Photographic 147: Got the Blues

Carmi's new theme at Written Inc is 'Got the Blues'
I've been feeling pretty darned blue lately, so maybe some 
of these blue pics will remind me of happy places and times
Mt Taranaki, New Zealand

Summer Sky

Roof panels at the mall

Fencing in the sky

Park Guell, Barcelona


Bells Beach near Melbourne, Australia


  1. Oh my each photo more powerful than the last...all very un-feeling-blue places for sure! But your header photo is by far the most stunning of all! Very awesome Alexia!

  2. I love your 'fencing the sky' one as well as the coastal.. the pillars against the sky definitely stand tall!.

  3. alexia...i've had the blues lately too...and your pic's have just helped me to UNblue a bit!
    mount tranaki is awesome!!
    i love the fence/barbed wire across the sky pic!
    and other places i will prob never get to see in person...but can travel there through your camera and eyes!

    thanks for your bluesy post!

    ((i have LOTS of catching up to do...i'm waaaaay behind...so please bare...bear...with me??!!)) :]

  4. Thanks everyone!
    Karen: I love my header photo too - the oh-so-blue Mediterranean lives up to its publicity!

    KBF: thanks - they are amazing, aren't they?

    Laura - good to see you again - I've missed your posts!

  5. I never knew blue could be expressed in so many ways, and in so many corners of the planet. As always, your ability to pull together themes from wherever your eye finds inspiration is, in itself, inspiring.

    They all stop me dead in my tracks. Yet the one that stops me...um, deader? The mall pic. You find beauty absolutely everywhere. Coolness.

  6. Thanks for your comment Carmi. I love the mall pic too - had to restrain myself from posting several. it was some mall pics of yours that inspired me and made me take my camera along!


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