Sunday, January 2, 2011

Favourite Shots of the Year #4

Happy New year to everyone.  I hope you and your loved ones will enjoy a healthy and satisfying 2011.

I wasn't going to put up any more best shots of 2010 (see Carmi's Thematic Photographic here), but whilst sorting folders I found these ones, and couldn't resist.
These were taken on the same road trip as the previous group, but this beach is on the Tasman Coast of New Zealand (not the Pacific east coast), and it's further north, at a little settlement called Ahipara.

They were taken on July 8, so our mid-winter. It was bitterly cold and there were occasional showers scudding across from the west.  But these kids were making the most of their school holidays, and were determined to enjoy the beach.



  1. It's so funny to me to see July and mid-winter in the same sentence! July here, can be one of our hottest months! These pictures are so perfect for favourites, I'm glad you posted them. They should be postcard pictures...very inviting!

  2. Mid-winter? Running around in shorts, barefoot on the beach? Our highs have been below freezing this week, these pictures make me wish I was that cold. I love them, though. I do miss living near the ocean.

  3. My favorite of your favorites! I love the water, the beach. Now throw in kids having fun, and you have a winner.

  4. I love the freedom you've captured here. Don't we all want to be completely unencumbered as we dash across the beach? These are so beautifully composed, and tell such a story.

    Having just spent some beach time with the fam, this entry strikes a very poignant chord. We all need to be here at some point. The more often, the better.


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