Friday, January 7, 2011

Thematic Photographic 129: Wet

Today has been pretty much the perfect sumer's day. It's lovely and warm, but not too hot - about 27 C, I would guess. There's not an ill-intentioned cloud in the sky, and just a light zephyr of a breeze.

Manuel LeGrand and I have just come back from a wonderful walk around the estuary (no dogs allowed on the surf beach during the day in the summertime - at this time of the year our little resort town is crowded with holiday makers, and the beach is heavily populated). 

The tide was about halfway out, and the shores and the water of the estuary were pretty much deserted, apart from a few kayakers, a number of blue herons, and lots of tiny mud crabs which kept popping in and out of their holes.

Manu had a great time - he ran, he splashed, he chased herons and gulls, he conversed briefly with a couple of other dogs, he rolled in something disgusting.

I didn't have my camera with me today, and these shots were taken on our last walk out there, but believe me it would have been déjà vu if I had!

Don't you love summer? 

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  1. Your pictures are so annoyingly beautiful, with me sitting here with below freezing temperatures and this yucky inversion. They are so warm, relaxing,inviting and, well, great pictures. Especially with the happy dog playing in the water.
    Ahhh, summer. Only 5 months away.

  2. Love this collection of photos! We too get invaded by holidaymakers in the summer. (I live in a beachside town on Port Phillip Bay!) That is the time we shop very early or very late! It's chaotic in between! But we still know some secret sands where we can enjoy our own space!

  3. Max - we'll be shivering then ... Thanks for your comments :)

    Thanks GT - yes, I keep well away from the crowded spots too!

  4. I love those blue skies!. I like how u include animals in your photos... they definitely make a focal pt.

  5. Wonderful photos! I can hardly wait be able to enjoy days like that. Summer is my favorite season.

  6. Oh my gosh what stunningly beautiful photos of what I wish was here right now! Perfectly wet and leaves a person wanting more...thank you!

  7. What a lovely reminder to those of us in the northern hemisphere that winter won't last forever. Very Buddhist--everything changes. Please keep those summer photos coming!

  8. Thanks for all the lovely comments!

    It's just as beautiful today :)

  9. i love the clouds...
    and the calmness of the water...

    then i dogs allowed...and next picture...i think i see a little dog! so i squint...face up to the it a bird? ha! looks like a little jack russell!! FUN dogs!! then i read the pic's were from a previous visit...

    looks like a beautiful day...and a wonderful spot to walk along...and enjoy...the! :]

  10. I love knowing that while it's deepest, snowiest, coldest winter here, the other side of the planet is enjoying days like this. Thank you for opening the window. I love how your delightful dog seems to be smiling all the while!


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