Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Friday Photo

I took this about 18 months ago, on the shore of Lake Rotorua, so he's an inland gull, a member of one of the hundred or so gull species; these red-legged ones are the most common we see on our coasts, along with the bigger Pacific gull.
The sun was just starting to set, and there was a nice quality to the light which picked up the colour of the rust on the pole.


Happy Friday - and Happy New Year.


  1. I love the blue...I hope u don't take this wrong, but the rust might show up more if u cropped the top of the water, the pic would be more balanced...

  2. Ah, seagulls.
    The California gull is the Utah state bird. (Yeah, I know. But the Colorado Blue Spruce is our state tree, so I guess that figures.) And we have a love/hate relationship with the little monsters. (If you're wondering what a seagull is doing in a desert, remember that we have the Great Salt Lake and it will all make perfect sense.)

    Anyway, this one looks so innocent and cute sitting on this post, rather the way a sleeping two-year-old looks innocent and cute. :)

  3. Thanks KBF. I already cropped off quite a lot of the pic :) will try it, though.
    I love the blue, too.

    PBW - you mean they're not sweet and guileless??

  4. I had a run-in with a seagull once on the island of Iona. I had a tuna sandwich in my hand and was walking toward the ferry boat, when a seagull swooped down and tore a huge chunk of the sandwich off as I was gripping it and wrenching it toward me. And, of course, I then had to tear off even more in order to rid myself of anything the bird might have touched and thus reward the stupid bird.....
    Here in Utah they poop all over everything.....

  5. @Alexia: I can picture that photo as a pano shot.. but that's just me.. U r lucky to capture that creature standing still, I rarely have that sort of luck.

  6. Ah...yes...there is nothing finer then catching any kind of gull, or other bird doing things amongst a blue sky, or water...or even sitting so quietly still on top a post...there is something about them that draws you to stop and is their day! A very happy new year to you Alexia may happiness follow you every day!


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