Saturday, December 25, 2010

Favourite Shots of the Year #3

Wintry light

These are photos which I took in midwinter this year in Northland, New Zealand. They were all taken between 10.00 am and noon.  (Click to enlarge)

It was very cold; there was rain about, the sun was struggling to come through, and the light was strange, eerie at times:

Mussel Farm and Barge (and Blue Heron)

Mussel Farming

Mussel barge

Mahinepua Bay

 Sorry to post so many - I couldn't decide which to leave out ...   


  1. Beautiful pictures, I'm glad you didn't leave any out. The only problem is that now I want to get down to New Zealand someday. (According to Google Maps, Mahinepua Bay is 7,049 miles or 11,344 km from my house)

  2. Oh I could look at these all day! Very lovely place, and the last picture is really great! They are all excellent favorites, what a wonderful trip you must have had! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. Oh I really like your "human calendar" it's great! It reminded me of an old television show at first, The Brady Bunch...where the Mother looks up at one of the children!

  4. I really like picture number 3! Lovely.

  5. Oh, and echoing Max a bit....
    Now that Christmas is over, I need to start planning my vacation, and NZ has long been on the list. Do tell: is there anything worth visiting in July? (Yes, I know that's winter; that's why I'm asking. And I don't mind cold and wet, especially since Utah in July is often beastly hot.)

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Max - that sounds such an enormous distance - it's a fairly remote spot, too. But beautiful; I hadn't been there before that road trip.

    Karen - I saw the human calendar on someone else's blog and liked it too.

    PBW - hmmm I wouldn't come here in winter, but then I'm a summer person - don't like cold and wet. Unless you're a skier/skateboarder; we have some great skifields. But of course you have those in Utah! :) One of the nicest times to be in NZ is in (our) fall - March/April is usually still lovely and warm, and fairly settled. Sorry, I'm not being very helpful, am I?

  7. I think the third of these is my favourite. Although anything with boats in always appeals to me

  8. Yes, you are helpful. Unfortunately, July-ish is about the only time I have free. And it might be a nice break from the obscene desert heat. It's still in the running.

  9. BTW do you have more photos of the mussel barge closer?'s a lovely spot where you shot that one....and the barge looks very cool!

  10. I'm glad you didn't leave any of them out. I'm somewhat addicted - some would say obsessed - with standing beside bodies of water so I can quietly drink in the spirit of the place. So these all speak to me.

    Next week's theme, far from home, may see me digging into my archives for similarly soothing pictures from my own travels. Won't be as powerful as these, but I'll have you to thank for the inspiration all the same!


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