Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Yellow Painting

A painting I hope to see in person one day: 'The Yellow House', by Vincent van Gogh.
It was painted in September 1888, and is now kept in the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam. This was the house he was living in at that time, in Arles in France, and he called it 'The House and its Surrounds' ('La Maison et son entourage'), and later simply 'The Street' ('La Rue'). It is now known as 'The Yellow House', for obvious reasons.
On the left under the tree is the café where he used to eat his meals.

This is one of his lesser-known paintings, but I like the bright sunniness of it - and it fits into the yellow theme!


  1. I love Van Gogh.. Starry, starry Night is one I like as well.. His painting of Irises are at the Getty in L.A. I was really surprised at how small his paintings were...

  2. ....me too... Van Gogh's arts are really awesome... i am new here in your place (but not in blogland anymore) and i found many interestin' wonderful things in here... hope you've a great day... glad to follow here..!!!;)

  3. He's one of my favourites too - this one's bigger than some, KBF - 36 x 28 inches.
    Thanks Kelvin :)


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