Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thematic Photographic 121: Yellow

Sunshine Yellow - makes me think of summer, makes me smile.

All that glisters is not gold .... 
these are from a visit to New Zealand's only open-cast gold mine:

A big hole needs a big yellow truck-

My mother used to warn me about this :

 Back to flowers - a beautiful azalea from my spring garden (a bit orange, maybe)


  1. that last photo reminds me of autumn..btw. the leaf is actually more of a brownish burgundy.. i think its the way the light hits on the leaf..its from an ornamental plum tree..

  2. Very nice Yellow photos. (Especially your header photo too) I've always like that.....Cute story about the big yellow truck...and your caution sign is great, and surely vital! I enjoy signs like of my favorites I saw in Canada, it said "squeeze to the right" or of course "squeeze to the left!" I wonder has Carmi ever had a theme about signs? that might be fun!

  3. Lilies always make me smile and I really like the sign.

  4. What an amazingly diverse series! That mine scared the heck out of me: Even on my laptop's screen, I felt like I needed to sit back a bit lest I get too close to the edge. Great capture!

  5. beautiful flowers!! they always make me smile too.

    and that mine...makes me want to go there...explore. cool shots!!

    so, did you heed mom's attention to the sign...or find out for yourself that the slope WAS slippery after all??!!

  6. Haha Laura - I've been at the bottom of that slope a few times... but I am slowwwly getting a little wiser as I get older

    Thanks all for your kind words


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