Thursday, November 4, 2010

Early Evening

My favourite time of all.

The sun has just set,
sloped down between the hills' dark shoulders;
sky is still luminous with light.

in the no-wind
the trees are still, stopped - 
leaves and branches motionless.

moths and insects flit and
skitter in the dark, 
small blips against the bright/dark sky.

Even-ing out the day, dusk
spreads quiet to lie about the mounds 
of trees and hills, sculpted into dark.

4th November 2010



  1. Perfect!. Your words definitely set the mood.

  2. Melodic, your words just flow, smooth and mellow. You've captured the twilight.

  3. ...soft and gentle... truly a pleasure to read my friend...

    Good day!!!:)

  4. serene...relaxing...your words and the beautiful 'just after the sun sets' picture go together perfectly...balancing out the day...'even-ing' day into night. :]

  5. You inspired me to churn some thoughts on how the day segues into night. I've just posted the result. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction!


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