Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Strangers from afar - TP 306

Carmi's topic this week is Shooting Strangers from Afar

I'm going to post a shot I've posted before, because I really love it:

A beautiful autumn day in Otago, New Zealand. He sits on a rock reading, while she fishes from a rocky "island". They were so peacefully apart together that I wanted to catch the feeling.

Later the same day, on the shores of Lake Wanaka:


  1. Oh yes indeed, very perfect scenes of strangers enjoying life as it is!

  2. Beautiful capture of loving relationships - and places.

  3. The man sitting reading looks so tiny - its good to be reminded that nature is so much biogger than us! Same with the two little children playing.

    Lovely shots!

  4. Two superb shots of people enjoying themselves oblivious to anyone else.

  5. Lot of serenity in that first shot. With school starting for us tomorrow, I may be coming back to glean some from it!


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