Monday, June 17, 2013

Curvaceous - Thematic Photographic 248

Curvaceous , this week's theme over at Written.Inc, could describe some more of my Australian holidayshots.

Footbridge over the Yarra River. Melbourne, Australia:

Another footbridge. St Kilda, Melbourne:

These were all taken at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne:

Finally, some more curvy-necked swans:

 "My curves are not crazy" ~ Henri Matisse


  1. How simply gorgeous. It is ages since I have been to Melbourne, and obviously time I went back.

    Are those numbers around the swans necks? Identity tags?

  2. Wonderful photos of curvaceous architecture!

  3. Are those black curves at the National Gallery just for looks, or do they also provide shade to sit in at times? Beautiful shots, the bridges and swans too.

  4. I believe those numbers on the swans are for national security...Can't have them sneaking off to China, now, can we!?!?

    Lovely photos, Alexia!


  5. So much curvy awesomeness! Interesting architecture.

  6. Alexia, these are marvelous. Each with it's own charm, and style. I find the black curves very interesting too. It's funny about the numbers on the swans, just a couple of weeks ago I had a pigeon fly into our yard, with a band around his leg, he actually stayed the night and by morning he was gone! Great photos.

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments. All of the swans had those wide bands around their necks, but I was unable to find out why.

    Max and Karen - the 'black curves' are a sculptural installation - but as you can see, kids enjoy playing among them, trying to climb them etc.

  8. There are some fantastic architectural curves there! And great photos! And I love the natural curves on the black swans.

  9. That Yarra bridge reminded me of the mouth of a whale.


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