Friday, November 30, 2012

Flying into Summer

December 1st - officially our first day of summer. 
The dog and I went to a beach to look for birds to post on Carmi's Fly theme, 
but the tide was full and there were no waders around...

 There were some high fliers overhead

Of course, we still managed to enjoy our walk greatly. 
It was a beautiful, still morning

Driving away I spotted this blue heron, but when he took off 
he was lost into the trees before I could manage a decent shot...

"birds that rose and fell in the sky, like supplementary 
breathings of the tide"

~Janet Frame: 'The Edge of the Alphabet'

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Life in New Zealand

I haven't been about much recently, on the blogworld that is.

I know I'm missing lots of great posts, and I can't wait until things return to near-normal.

Moving house is incredibly stressful. And when you build a new house there are millions of extras to spend money on.

I shall return.

In the meantime, here are some snippets from this week's New Zealand Listener:

'Police are looking for a woman who vomited into a hat in a Timaru store about 4pm yesterday.'
Timaru Herald, 17/7/12


'Whangarei police officers were called to a house when a 15-year-old girl rang to complain that her 22-year-old sister had bought her a cheeseburger but there was no bacon in it. A row broke out. While the sisters were arguing, the family dog ate the cheeseburger.'
NZ Herald, 17/8/12



 'The woman voiced her displeasure at the longstanding effects of the accident in a victim impact statement, which put particular emphasis on the way the injury had hampered her knitting.'

Waikato Times, 13/7/12


'St Thomas Garden Club, have a “hands-on” rose pruning demonstration, July 27, 10am, at the church. Please bring secateurs, thick garden gloves and bandaids.'
Motueka Golden Bay News, 19/7/12 


'Caffeine can also reek havoc with your bowel.'
Taranaki Daily News, 4/8/12 


'A “robust internal investigation” was being conducted to find out how the swab had been left inside the woman…'
Nelson Mail, 21/8/12 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Better Late than Gone Forever....

Okay so by the time anybody sees this Carmi will probably have posted a new theme 
and no one will in fact see this...

But anyway, here are my "Somewhat worse for wear" shots for Thematic Photographic 219. ( My only excuse is, we move house next Saturday. And Mr A is sick. And school is frenetic...)

There used to be a goldmine pumphouse here:

and there used to be a bridge here....

There used to be mine shafts here...

and there used to be a house up there, before the Christchurch earthquakes...

and there used to be a family here...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Random niceness

Saturday morning.

No school.

I walk down to the gate to get the newspaper, 
which, as it is the weekend edition with about thirty sections, is folded in half in the box.

As I walk back up the drive I open it up, and find:

What made the surprise even nicer was how carefully the little bunch was arranged - they weren't just stuck in any which way, but painstakingly arranged so that they formed a little posy:

As far as I am aware, I don't know the person who delivers our paper, 
but he/she certainly put a smile on my face this morning!

No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.
                                                                                                     ~ Aesop