Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Winter Solstice

Tree ~ Rita Angus

Tonight, June 21st - 22nd, is the longest night of the year. 

I visualise all of you northern-hemisphere types, basking in the heat. 
You are swimming in an aqua pool; you are sitting under the cool shade of luxuriant trees. 
You wear light cotton tops and espadrilles, sunglasses and floppy straw hats. 
You are at picnics, enjoying baguettes and beautiful cheeses, strawberries and melon, 
chilled white wine....

Ah well. Outside my classroom it's bitterly cold, with heavy rain falling. 
We've had days on end of heavy frosts and clear blue days, bracketed by southerly storms sweeping over our small country; they bring wintry blasts and thundery storms. All of the ski fields are open already - it's unusually early in the winter for that, so their operators will be happy. 
My students have colds and coughs, and so do many of my colleagues. My cat only stirs from in front of the fire to eat and briefly dash outside to make a deposit in the garden before reclaiming her spot on the lambswool rug.

I hate the cold. 
And we always get our worst winter weather after the shortest day, in July and August.
But of course, there is a good side: from now on, we're heading towards summer!

“There are adventures of the spirit and one can travel in books and interest oneself in people and affairs. One need never be dull as long as one has friends to help, gardens to enjoy and books in the long winter evenings.”
~ D. E. Stevenson


  1. And I'm actually jealous of you! We haven't had a drop of rain in a month; it's going to be another drought year. ugh.
    And it's supposed to be 100 degrees F for the next three days straight, then "cool down" into the 90s for another week or two. Yuck! I loathe uber-heat! I'd rather deal with cold. When it's cold, you can always add more clothes, but when it's hot, you just have to suffer through it.

    1. Each to his own... but I have to say I'm with Max!

  2. I agree with you, I hate the cold. Sorry Lisa, I know we've had this conversation before, but when it's cold, no matter what I put on I can't get warm. The only three places I feel comfortable are in the car with the heat at full, in a tub full of hot water and in bed.
    Although I do agree with you that we could use some rain, I've actually had to start watering my plants this year (and they're all desert plants). Last year I think I watered twice all summer.

  3. I totally agree with you! But remember my winters (normally) are really horrible. Why do I live here again??! We've had high temps but lots and lots of pouring rain, and too many storms!
    I do enjoy your vision of our life these days, and hopefully most of it will be true for the next few months, (you know where we're headed!) The picture you posted really declares what the upcoming winter will bring, hardly enough food for the birds!

  4. 97 Degrees here. But there's plenty of deer for the dog and I to chase!

    Take some pics...try the rain at night, with the flash on. You might like them!


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