Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sunday Snapshot

It's been a horrible week. 
Last Saturday afternoon one of our senior students lost her life 
in a road accident. She was a stunner - a school leader, full of energy 
and into everything, popular with her peers and the juniors, 
respected by everyone. 
18 years old and her whole life ahead of her - except, it wasn't.

I can't describe the pall of sadness which hung over the whole school 
community all week; in fact, over the whole of our small town.
So many people knew her, her mother, her 4 siblings...

I was already coming down with a flu-type bug which eventually 
forced me to take sick leave from Wednesday onwards. 
On Friday, school was closed - the funeral was taking place in the 
auditorium at midday, and there was no point in trying 
to have a normal school day, for students or teachers. 
I was still unwell, so I didn't see or hear the outpouring of grief 
which I am sure took place.

She will be greatly missed.

Lake Whakatipu, Queenstown, New Zealand


  1. I'm so sorry. I've never had to experience that as a teacher, but in my junior year of high school 6 seniors were in a bad car crash, only 3 survived. Over 30 years later I can still remember the stunned silence in the halls between classes. I am so, so sorry.


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