Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thematic Photographic 197: Far from Home

In 2004 I had the good fortune to take a group of 17-year-old students 
on an exchange trip to Shanghai.
Although I've been to places which are a lot further away from home in terms of kilometres, in a cultural sense it's the furtherest I've ever been away from home.

Street scenes:

Parking space Footpath:

 Night view of the Oriental Pearl Tower,  taken from the 
nearby Jin Mao Tower:

Ground floor foyer, Shanghai Museum:

School grounds, Jiading #2 High School:

Hot Pot dinner with my host teacher's family:

Go here to Carmi's Written Inc. for more faraway photos.


  1. Those school grounds are beautiful, nice place to relax after the school day. Great photos. Sounds like a great experience.

  2. Great shots.
    I agree that China is culturally the farthest from home I've ever been, too!

  3. Those windows and ribbons give the apartment buildings a very different look from the ones I'm used to seeing here in the U.S.

    Love the Pearl Tower shot, too!

  4. Love your night shot.


  5. The theme this week just had to bring up places I have never seen. Must have been a great experience to be there.Fine photos especially the night shot.

  6. The Oriental Pearl Tower is simply breathtaking. Loved all of these shots, but perhaps that one most. Thank you.

  7. Oh my what a lovely time you surely had. They certainly know how to get places cheaper, and so much more enjoyable too! Such stunning shots of far from home!

  8. Looks like a terrific trip! And fantastic shots - especially the Oriental pearl tower.

    Very far from home culturally!

  9. I've never been there, but I'd love to go.

  10. I'd love to visit there one day...!

  11. great shots of a beautiful world :)


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