Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Thematic Photographic 187: Watery

Water: my favourite subject!
How to choose? I may have to do a daily post on this theme until it changes.  
(Well, I would if I wasn't teaching full time, and in the throes of moving house...)

Wind-surfing, Taranaki
Surfers, Opunake

After the storm, Waihi Beach

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  1. Water is a truly magical thing. Such a benison. Thank you for each and everyone of these shots.
    Hope the house moving is going as well as possible.

  2. Great shots that show that the sea can be so powerful, providing pleasure and fun as well as devastation!

  3. Beautiful beach pictures, the one of after the storm is really cool, with the wood in the foregrouond and the wavy water in the background.

  4. Nice third shot there.
    I also really like the font you've chosen and the colors for your new header. The words look so three-dimensional.

  5. I love those waves - you don't realise how big they are until you see the surfers! And its incredible what power the sea has in a storm!

    Thank you for your comments on my blog!

  6. Pretty pics, Alexia.

    I love the water, too, it's in a lot of my posts.

    I'm headed to the desert now, though!

  7. Seascapes get my vote every time.

  8. Love the photos. Reminds me of Bruce Lee saying, "Be water, my friend."

  9. My goodness, your last photo after the storm, the roaring waves look as though the storm is still raging! The other photos...oh yes how about a dip....was stunning shades of blue, you captured just a paradise .....of watery.....perfectly! Good luck with your moving too!

  10. love your watery shots alexia!!

    kind of a nice break...hopefully you can get to see some water & waves in between moving & teaching!

    i especially like the beach after the storm...

  11. Just popped in to see how things are. I hope your garage sale goes well, I've had one in my life and that one pretty much cured my desire for any more! Most people are great, but sometimes you meet the one person who just wants to bicker about the cost. Around here there are women that just thrive on these sales, and they invite other neighbors to drop things off and sell them for you. Good luck Alexia on all the packing as well. Hope you get some good reading in too!

  12. Just popping in again to say HELLO, and your fans, or rather blogger friends miss you! Hope all is well! Smiling- Karen


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