Saturday, March 10, 2012


I mentioned some time ago that we had sold our house and were having to prepare to move. Well, everything went through, the process has processed, and we will be moving out of here on the 24th of March (gasp) - 2 weeks from yesterday.

“All great changes are preceded by chaos.” ~ Deepak Chopra

Ever since we signed the bits of paper we have been packing, sorting, cleaning, throwing out. We have been in this house for 24 years. And we both have the hoarding gene.

Inevitably, there is to be a yard sale (here, it's called a garage sale). Next Saturday. Some things are just too good to send to the rubbish dump, and we'd like to make a little money,  Already I'm panicking; do you put prices on stuff? or just signs that say 'Make an offer'? I've never been to one of these occasions. 

Apparently people turn up at the crack of dawn, or earlier - and I've heard dark stories of subsequent burglaries, after the potential junk-buyers have cased the joint.

We haven't been able to find a house we like enough to buy, so we are renting one while we go about buying a section (= lot) and building a house. 
Guess how much fun that's going to be?

"Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied 
by drawbacks and discomforts"
~ Arnold Bennett

Changes are not just affecting us. Our daughter and son-in-law are preparing to move to Australia, taking with them our two beautiful grandchildren, aged 3 and 1. Guess I'm going to have to save those air points!

I'll keep y'all posted ...


  1. Ooooh. I feel for you. My partner and I are both pack rats, and hoard different things.
    Good luck with the garage sale and yes, put prices on things. You can always haggle, but that gives you a starting point.
    Sending good wishes to both you and your partner, but to your daughter and her family.

  2. How about putting a price tag and 'or best offer' on the offering?

    Good Luck!

  3. Oh wow. Good luck.
    I'd hate to move after so many years in the same house. Before you toss leftover stuff in the rubbish pile, don't forget charity shops!
    In Utah, nearly every Saturday in the spring and fall (not so much the summer because it's too hot), you can find a garage sale (sometimes called a yard sale here, too) going on. I saw a sign for one just yesterday. Yes, people do show up at dawn.
    Here it's tradition for folks to take all leftover items to the nearest Deseret Industries (Mormon-run thrift store) when the sale is over.

    Still, I'd hate the thought of packing up all my books and craft supplies to move. Oh, you are brave.

    Sorry you're "losing" your grandkids as well. And it's a new school year.
    Oh my. Everything at once for you. "It never rains but it pours," eh?

  4. Good luck with the sale.

    I'd put it on tables and label the table with a price 'all on this table $5' etc.

  5. first of all Alexia...i LOVEloveLOVE your new header!! wow!!

    moving...ugh...and 24 years worth of STUFF! sam & i have that (damned) hoarding gene too...sam is actually worse than me because i've moved so many times in my life, i've learned to not hoard as much. but it's tough!
    garage/yard sales...personally i like when stuff is marked only because i hate to ask...i'm not good at bartering...

    well...even though you've sure got your work ahead of'll be exciting!! change is good!

    sorry to hear your daughter...and her family are moving...away...but, i's time for ALL this change!

    good luck with all the tossing out & packing...and moving...keep us posted!! :)

  6. OH...i forgot to mention...LoVE the turtle toting the boxes!!
    the S L O W move!


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