Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Thematic Photographic 183: Pairs

Some pairs from a day in Auckland for this week's Thematic Photographic - 

This pair of native birds made a lovely mural on a wall of a shopping precinct:

And there's a pair  of mannequins in the window:

At the zoo I saw this pair:

And a couple of seals sunbathing on a rock.

At the Art Gallery I took a pic of this pair - I think the guy spotted me!


  1. That's a very pretty blue on those birds.

  2. I love them. On the useless trivia front did you know that we have the same number of bones in our neck as giraffes do?

  3. I really like that Britomart mural, nice. And that couple at the bottom, dressed the same. Great stuff!

  4. Excellent post on pairs, I love the bird mural!

  5. Each pair is spot on, but I take the giraffes.

  6. great pairs!!
    MY favorite...the pair of giraffes!!

    the poles...sculptures??? in front of the mannequins looks interesting....

  7. I just love the last photo. The couple appears to me as though she is saying "Oh come on honey, I did all the things you wanted to please just come with me on this one thing!" But as he appears to me, nope, she will not change his mind! I do enjoy the beauty of a pair of giraffes just hanging out!

  8. Love the birds in the first photo. All the photos are great. Funny comment about the couple.

  9. Almost caught...I love the story as much as I do the photo! You shoot and write with such spirit, and I love how you threaded the theme so colorfully.

    I swear I think the light is different down under. The colors just pop!

    (New theme's up, btw. Are you going to shoot strangers again?)



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