Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Snapshot

This morning I visited the small town of Katikati, which publicises itself as The Mural Town.

Murals are found on buildings all over the town, depicting the people and events 
of the town's past. Here are two of them, one on the side of the Library, and the 
second one just on the side of a shop:

There are many more, but it was an overcast morning, and the town was so busy that I couldn't get near them for cars and people. I'll have to go back on a quiet Sunday afternoon.


  1. I love these two, and am really looking forward to your follow-up post. A bit of quirkiness never goes astray.

  2. Just tell those cars and people to get out of the way, Alexia.

    Important photography in progress!

  3. The library is amazing - I had to enlarge the photo and look at it for a minute to figure out what was real and what was mural. I would have sworn the two sitting near the window were real.
    What a cool concept.

  4. So nice to see murals that are not gang graffiti like we get here in the States!

  5. I've missed these posts of yours! Thanks! Hair cut anyone? That first one is my most favorite! The shape of the building just makes the mural so much more magical! I so love towns like these...and try to capture all that I can...what a lovely day you surely had!

  6. wow...can't wait to see more!!
    that first shot...almost looks like a reflection, as if the side of the building was glass!!

  7. That is a really good idea for a town.

  8. Thank you everyone. The library one almost looks 3D, doesn't it?


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