Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Screens - Thematic Photographic

A different kind of theme this week: screens. I began counting up the number of tech-type screens I own and/or work with every day. Scary!

For a start, here are two ordinary screens; the fly screen on the back door of my house

and the monitor on one of our TV sets.

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  1. It seems that screen would only keep out really BIG flies?

  2. Three ordinary screens. The lattice screen and then the fly screen behind it as well as the TV. This has got me thinking. Lots and lots of screens in my world - even before we get to the philosophical ones.
    Thank you, yet another post to get me thinking.

  3. This is favorite of course is the fly-screen....amazing just how big the spaces now I have to click on it to see if there's a tiny net or something sticky to catch the flies...or ...? ;)

  4. It is very cool after I got techy and made it larger... no fly will ever make it through there!

  5. My first thought was you must have damn big flies! Karen saved me though - thank goodness I looked at the enlarged version.

  6. Delightful photos especailly the screen over the screen- I'm trying to learn how to leave a link in the comment section; since you know how to do it could you please show me how it is done

  7. thanks all - it hadn't occurred to me that some might only see the big screen, not the insect screen underneath it! :)

    Johnina: when I try to write here how to do it, the instructions don't show up, it just makes a link!
    So here is a link to a page that tells you how to do it: Go here

    Hope you can work it out :)

  8. my vote goes for the fly screen as well!!!


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