Friday, December 9, 2011

Thematic Photographic 174: Seeing Red

Summer's here !

This rose was out on the 1st of December, marking the first day of summer in New Zealand.

See other reds here


  1. I know that our (Northern Hemisphere) winter officially starts ~Dec 21st, so I figured your summer started then as well, curious.

  2. Esbb: Nope - that's the longest day here (your shortest) ... we count December, January, February as our 3 summer months.

    Thanks, Lisa :)

    Yes Kiwi - just the little 'carpet' rose - a lovely colour

  3. So vibrant, so beautiful.

    I suspect it would make more sense to start our seasons at the equinox, but I have got used to the 1st of the month.

  4. What could be more lovely....okay, yeah lots of stuff right! But Alexia what a delightful feels like I'm looking at this lovely flower right here in a vase on my own desk! I needed this touch of grace, and the hope that one day soon....I'll be singing it's summer again soon...please tell me soon!!!!!

  5. And winter's here! Enjoyed your splash of summer red!

  6. We still have red roses out despite in being winter with recent frosts in England. I'd swap it for a warm climate though.

  7. ((i thought it was a red poppy!!))

    LoVE your summer red rose!! beautiful...a nice way to begin the warmer months.

    oh! very cool header too!!

  8. Thank you all for calling and leaving a note!
    it doesn't feel like summer today :(

  9. I love the color. It speaks of life and vibrancy: Just the things I find myself holding onto as our side of the planet turns grey. I like your side much better right about now.


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