Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of 2011 #2

Although it's over-exposed, I loved this shot. 
It's a larger-than-lifesize carving of a Māori warrior beside a walkway around the pit rim 
of the open-cast goldmine in the small town of Waihi, New Zealand.

(posted for Thematic Photographic)


  1. I love the strength and determination in that statue!.

  2. Me too :)
    Crikey that was a quick comment! Happy New Year to you and Kalei :)

  3. Happy, Happy, Alexia.

    I'm going to start digging up part II of my pics any moment now...any moment...

  4. I love it. And the new look for your blog is incredible. And powerful.

  5. Actually, I think it's very well exposed for the subject matter.
    There is only one way to get a picture like that, one with a very bright background (or sky) behind a darker subject. You need to take two pictures, one for the sky and one for the statue, and then blend them together. The sky may be bleached out, but your picture shows the statue, his facial expression and the plants in the foreground very well.

  6. Thanks Max! I was just looking at a photoshop tutorial which shows you how to solve this light background/dark subject problem - will have to go through it carefully.

    Thanks EC :) Happy New Year to you.

  7. Oh this is a bold and very commanding view of this statue, and I'm not a photo wizard but I'd say you captured him perfectly. Max said it well......I just read your comment on mine, and I thank you very much...and I wish you a very happy New Year as well....since you will be celebrating a bit before us over here! ;)

  8. Overexposed or not, I'd be happy to have a photo like this.

  9. Great shot. I have a friend from Tahiti who competes in Polynesian dance, including the Haka. It is fierce! Happy New Year!

  10. OH!!! i like this one a lot!!

    happy new year!!


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