Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I love white. It's one of my favourite 'colours'. I really like wearing white - it always makes me feel crisp and fresh.

Here's some white shots for this week's theme at Thematic Photographic; click here to learn more and join in. I hope you enjoy these - they look better if you click on them to enlarge....

Orchids at Singapore's Changi Airport

My daughter and son-in-law's wedding rings
White houses on Capri, April 2011

Peony on the roadside, Asti

Houses at Aborobello, Italy

My beach, mid-winter

Underside of a tree-fern frond


  1. Cool pictures. Again you make me long for a good beach, we just don't have them here. And the Italian buildings are stunning too. Great set of pictures.

  2. I agree w/Max, those Italian houses, fern leaf and wedding rings fit the theme very well.

  3. Okay I want to visit each and every spot you pictured here! Your whites are so lovely and give me a breath of fresh air and love and romance and just the darnest cute little black kitty sitting amongst all that white! Very cool Alexia!

  4. Now if you could arrange for the Italian houses to be beside that beach. Great pictures.

  5. Max - our beach is 9km long and is beautiful at all times of the year. I love it on a stormy grey day even more than in the middle of summer!

    Chrissy - thanks! I planned to take out the fern but it seemed to work - though it's probably silver, really :)

    Karen - yes, the cat was a bonus!! Sorting out the pictures made me want to go back there...

    Bob - great idea, to combine the houses with the beach :)

  6. These are beautiful! I want to live near a beach, too!! :)

  7. You really have a great eye for subject matter. These are stunning.

    Ah, c'mon, Max. You don't like the brine flies and the smell of brine shrimp at the Great Salt Lake?

  8. All beautiful, but that beach shot is stunning!


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