Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sunday Snapshot

Spring has definitely sprung!
On today's walk we saw this beautiful shrub (Pieris, I think)


 My magnolia is just beginning its display:

Spring air --
Woven moon
And plum scent.
~ Basho


  1. Ironically, I just posted about feeling autumn in the air. Funny how being in a different hemisphere gives you a different view. Great pictures, and keep them coming, I'm going need them as we head into autumn and then {shudder} winter.

  2. Oh yes you have reminded me again, that the tables are turning and we are headed into that season I won't even call by name. Like that will keep it at bay.....we had a long late fall last year here, but paid for it horribly once winter pounded its way across the United States...and well other places as well. Enjoy your lovely spring and fantastic flowers Alexia!

  3. Thanks friends; it certainly feels good to have the warmer temperatures, the lighter mornings... but I know in 6 months you guys will be welcoming spring over there!

  4. Love the blossoms! Wonderful shot.

  5. Oh, excellent. If you will keep posting spring photos I'll get to enjoy spring and fall at the same time! Definitely a feeling of fall in the air here although it's still warm.

  6. So surprised at your post title I thought maybe I had the wrong post, but than I remembered you are in New Zealand and it made sense. Gorgeous flower photos.
    Johnina :D


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