Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What English teachers know

English teachers know: that they owe it to their students to draw a curtain on the world of noise and to help them find the silent moment where the prong of insight emerges into light.

Words by Terry Locke
Pictures from here, here, here, and here


  1. Very nice.

    I'll think about this as I try to "draw a curtain" on the "world of noise" that 12-year-olds make today. :)

  2. Hello Alexia,
    Each image for me represents a different mood reflected upon.

    One of the most inspiring moments for me during High School was when an English Teacher came in to Class with a record player, and proceeded to read and have the students read with the music's presence.

    I don't remember the music or what we were reading, but I do remember within my mind awareness awaken and become present. Attuning me to my situation and my surroundings.

    I still love that English Teacher... the gift she gave that day, for me personally, has remained with me.

    I may not be regular Alexia, but I truly love your 'dreaming of open seas'
    With appreciation from Magda in

  3. So true, words can just be words but add in something else to stir the senses and more comes out then you might have ever thought.

  4. Lisa - ha fair comment - try Magda's music hint?

    Magda - thank you; your comments are lovely as always

    Pat - thanks for visiting, and I really like the comment


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