Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thematic Photographic 162: Playing with Light

Check out the great photos for this week's theme over at Carmi's blog.
Here are my playing photos, light-wise:

The Oriental Pearl tower, Shanghai, taken from the Jin Mao tower (421 m high)

The Oriental Pearl tower(350 m), taken from the street

Driving in Milan at night:

Flowers made of felt, lit up at the Festival of Lights, held annually 
in New Plymouth, New Zealand:


  1. Beautiful. The tower is a great piece of architecture, and that first driving picture is very cool too.

  2. What an amazing tower, and such a great view you have of it...I seldom come up with good shots as this in night lighting, and with the night lights with driving it appears to be like Las Vegas almost! But those flowers, even the last one? Wow, great stuff the way the last shot is viewed in my mind's I was thinking puppets! I know silly right? But truly great work on the theme. Thanks for your great comment as well, but it's crazy I took (You don't want to know how many) photos rather quickly, it's just a real get-away for me, it's like cheap therapy for me!

  3. Your Oriental Pearl pictures are WAY nicer than mine!

    (Still, I'm tickled that we've crossed the same spots on the planet. Small world, indeed!)

    Pearls in the sky

    Smog choked Shanghai

    Smoggy morning

    Pearl by day, Pearl by night

  4. those are GORGEOUS light pictures!!! wow!! and...for's so hard to get good night shots!! those are so beautiful! i love them.

  5. I'm missed your photos lately. I've been busy becoming a grandmother! I just spent a little time catching up on your recent posts. I always enjoy a visit to your blog.

  6. Lisa: thanks for your wows :)

    Max: have you checked out Carmi's pics of the tower? He has some awesome ones.

    Karen and Laura: I'm not good at night shots normally but I quite liked these... :)

    Carmi: your shots are great - I put a comment on your blog.

    Galen: congratulations! and I'm always pleased to see visitors :)

  7. Love the tower shots, also the roads at night. Not something I can achieve with my photos. I love those felt flowers and wish I could have seen them, but thanks to you I have the next best thing.


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